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Safe World for Women is an award-winning advocacy organisation and multicultural movement for social justice and equality.

We highlight abuse and oppression, and promote grassroots initiatives for women's empowerment.


Alliance for a Safe World
A pioneering network and resource centre, bringing together organisations, academic institutions, and ethical businesses throughout the world.


Safeworld Field Partners
Our Field Partners are intrinsic to our outreach work, dealing directly with issues such as poverty, health-care, marginalisation, child marriage, and education.


Safeworld Media
We provide a platform for journalists who write about global and local issues relating to women, redressing the imbalance of mainstream media.

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Pledge for a Safe World
We collaborate to end oppression and promote equality. Take the Pledge for a Safe World - we each have more influence than we might realise.

Safe World at the United Nations

Chris Crowstaff receives Kayerva Award at United Nations in Geneva

On 2nd July 2013, Chris Crowstaff received the Katerva Award for promoting gender equality and sustainability. The award was presented at the United Nations offices in Geneva by Ambassador Néstor Osorio of Colombia - President of the Economic and Social Council.

Safe World for Women - Another Year Closer


"If today all these people... who do not know us want to help us, it means they love us.... " Murhimanya Chantal, DR Congo. The year 2013 was a year when, more than ever, our supporters made so much difference to so many lives.

Our Story

 Cynthia 2

When I first met Cynthia, the 88 year-old mother of my partner Andrew, she had just had the second of two heart-attacks... Cynthia was a very strong, humble and thoughtful woman, who spent much of her life volunteering to help others, especially the old and vulnerable, and those less fortunate than herself...