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Power of Love Foundaton

Area served: Africa and Asia
San Diego
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Power of Love Foundation is a secular United States charity focused on developing innovative, cost-effective solutions to address the AIDS epidemic. We work directly with women and children impacted by the AIDS epidemic and create long-term solutions that go beyond handouts.

We strongly believe that the long term solution to the HIV/AIDS crisis is an untapped resource that has always existed within the community - its women.

POL empowers women (many of whom are grandmothers caring for several orphaned grandchildren) and makes them self-reliant through a multi-pronged approach.

We work with communities in Africa and Asia.

Main Focus

  • Child Rights
  • Health
  • Microfinance

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Power of Love Team

About Power of Love

The Power of Love Foundation is a secular US non-profit that was founded in 2002 by three friends -Suresh and Alka Subramanian, and Ellen Furnari to develop community responses to the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa. The founders quit their senior industry and tenured academic jobs to build innovative solutions for the global HIV/AIDS crisis that work at the local and community levels. POL funds and runs projects in Zambia, and India targeted toward helping women and children infected/affected with HIV/AIDS.

Over the last 10 years of work we have developed a highly cost-effective way to prevent children from being born HIV+ and for HIV positive children we have put in place a highly effective way to let them live a normal life for pennies per day. At this time we have 200 HIV + children and their families in our program. Our comprehensive program includes pediatric HIV/AIDS care, microloans for care givers children, and prevention of malaria via distribution of nets.

We are proud as our pediatric HIV/AIDS program just hit a major milestone. In the last few years, of the 23 children born in the program to HIV+ mothers, 22 were born normal and HIV free. It’s an unheard of statistic outside the high-tech/expensive medical world and a story that may be of value to many others working toward similar goals.

Our work is being studied and replicated by other organizations in the field. Our model of care for HIV positive children was developed through partnerships with MIT and Harvard and utilizing best-practices from the world of business. Nevertheless we continue to refine our approach to deliver more care at a lower cost.

Power of Love Pediatric Program

Our Projects

Power of Love's Pediatric HIV/AIDS Care Program

Over 2 million infants and children are living with HIV, the vast majority infected at birth. These infants have at best a life-expectancy of 5 years without intervention.The problem of providing cost-effective care for HIV infected infants in resource-strapped sub-Saharan Africa has remained a significant challenge. Our pediatric HIV/AIDS care program is a unique community-based approach developed to take advantage of Africa's most valuable resource - its family network,  to provide comprehensive care for HIV infected infants and children.

This program was developed in partnership with MIT's D-Lab, the Harvard School of Public Health, and the Waitt Family Foundation to bring for-profit best-practices and cost-management into a stressed environment.
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 Power of Love’s Micro Loans Program in Lusaka, Zambia

Microfinance For Women

Power of Love’s (POL) micro loans program (launched in 2005) helps women impacted by HIV/AIDS take the first steps towards self-reliance by learning basic business practices, running a small business, and being able to take better care of their families. The goal of this program is to empower women, and our vision is to strengthen communities impacted by HIV/AIDS and malaria in an environment where unemployment rates are 67% or higher.
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Project Mosquito Nets

Project Mosquito Net

Project Mosquito Net is POL's initiative to provide long lasting insecticide treated nets and education on prevention of malaria to children and families vulnerable to malaria in Zambia. The project began in 2005 as a joint effort between the Power of Love Foundation, the Orange County based non-profit Be the Cause ( (link is external)) and the Akado Medical Clinic located in Mbita, Kenya. Since then, the project has grown significantly and we have been able to provide more than 15,000 mosquito nets in Zambia and Kenya. At this time, our goal is to raise funds to provide 3000-5000 long lasting insecticide treated nets to women and children vulnerable to malaria in Zambia.
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