RuWCED Oct 2015

RuWCED is recognised as a training center for dressmaking, computer software, and secretarial duties by the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training. Our programmes target girls and women, including victims of GBV who are either out of school or escaped abusive marriages.

RuWCED Handball Team

RuWCED joined women all over the world to celebrate on a day dedicated solely for women – International Women's Day... We also participated in a handball tournament as a way of bringing girls together in the community.

RuWCED 16 Days

Most of the women in the local communities where we work have no voice in the choice of whom they marry, and there are many cases of early marriages and school-drop-out amongst girls... Girl children are often considered as a commodity to their parents and are expected to be given out for marriage as soon as “they get ripe”.


In the Boyo-Division of the North West region of Cameroon, women and girls have served prison terms because they were unable to refund their bride-price....