COFAPRI updates


COFAPRI organised handwashing sessions for school children and mothers in rural villages, with the aid of educational DVDs kindly supplied by Thare Machi Education. The word has begun to spread as neighbours are now prompting each other to wash their hands.

 FEMpads for freedom

FEMpads are made and sent by a generous UK citizen named Sharon Multani-colebrook. “Sharon has been a good mother for all of us...  she is making our hearts feel at peace, feel loved." - COFAPRI member.

Sewing Skills Trophy

“COFAPRI is an amazing organisation that is spreading far in the mountains of our villages where bigger NGOs... are fearing to reach... I have decided to offer them a trophy for encouragement." Mr. Cishugi, Traditional leader in Nyangezi

COFAPRI sewing 2015

COFAPRI has been able to equip its sewing centre with three additional sewing machines; the total being now six machines. In the first half of the year, we trained 36 women in sewing skills... A further 26 others were trained over the subsequent months.

TME DVDs 2015

'”We madly love this big mirror with moving and speaking people; they are amusing. They are saying things we often see in our villages here...  Many people are changing after they have watched these things." Mihingano Alphonse


"We are very much pleased you have brought us these pads to use. Thank you also for the slips and the soap to wash them. God bless COFAPRI forever and Sharon who sent them to us. You all are nice moms."

Eastern DR Congo

TRIGGER WARNING. "My life was reduced to nothing when they killed my husband.... I was reduced to nothing in the eyes of my little brothers. I thought it was a dream. I could not believe it. They took me in the eyes of my brothers...."


“We have to speak the same language; the language of unity, peace and love of human beings.... we have to understand that our neighbour needs peace just like any other person.. Our region needs us for its peaceful and lasting development." Ezechiel Mushagalusa, COFAPRI.


"Mama, now you can understand that we all here are now able to master some basic sewing skill...  Can’t you see you are wonderful and we have reasons to praise you and COFAPRI! Sewing is helping us reduce consumption and utilize reused materials..."


"No teacher and no students; all of us are both.... those who know help others to move forward and this is why today we doing very well; we are sewing, knitting and as our children are going to school; this shows us we will reach far." - COFAPRI member.


"In every raped woman: I see a peaceful mother, a committed aunt, a nonviolent niece. In all raped girls and children, I see my own daughters, my own children who can build our community... The past should not be eating us alive; ... let us move ahead and together" - Valerie Bahati


My bag was overflowing with gifts: FemPads made by Sharon Multani-Colebrook, a portable DVD player from Thare Machi Education. and in addition there were funds received from friends and supporters around the world.