Message from the Founder

January Watchman Mvula, Executive Director


As a development worker, I like to empower the community which is living in a region which lacks hope, and where the people feel that 'development' is not relevant to them.

The most important thing I do with these community is to show them that I am part of their community and I am ready to learn from them especially on how they do things.

This acts like my entry point to the community, when the community learn that I am part of them they become so flexible to teach me how they do their things. After learning all these things I always polish what ever the community already know to integrate it with the development approaches which can assist them to take the ideas so easily. By doing this I feel that the communities are empowered easily cause they know that what we are doing is the same things they have been doing.

What most of the community members need is for their voice to be taken in board as we are facilitating development.

If we are bringing news things to the community without learning from them they become so resistant that we find it very difficult to work with them. As the people working with the communities, let us empower them from what they know and then introduce new topics as we are going along with the communities.