Our dream is to see Sierra Leone prosper off the back of its peoples’ and our efforts. We want to see great schools, housing, sanitary systems, clean water, healthy people, political representation, equality, high employment, high standards of literacy and creativity.

In a word: dignity.


  • Provide sustainable, high-quality education and care to underprivileged children in the Kroo Bay and George Brook communities in Freetown.
  • Provide education and empowering opportunities to the surrounding female and male communities.


Honesty. Passion. Fun.


  • Education: Our aim is to fight illiteracy, ill-health and marginalisation child by child to give them a realistic chance of achieving their extraordinary ambitions.
  • Gender Equality: By offering resources and opportunities we aim to enhance the role of women in Kroo Bay and George Brook.
  • Well-being and dignity: With education, health care, nutritious food, and clothing we hope our children and their families will move away from deprivation and marginalisation to being ambassadors of dignity in Sierra Leone.