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Christina Asima says she had no choice but to marry last year at age 12 to help care for younger siblings after her mother abandoned the family. But she says her husband was abusive, so she left him, and now must look after her 8-month-old son, Praise, alone.

"I was 12 years old when I got married to my husband," she explains softly. "My mom had run away, so I was forced to get married to help my other siblings."

This is one of the many farming families from Rumphi, Malawi that complained about the late arrival of subsidy fertilisers. | Photo: Mabvuto Banda

Gogo Munthali, from Rumphi, a village over 400 km north of Malawi’s capital Lilongwe, dissolves into tears every morning as she worries about what to feed her five orphaned grandchildren, the youngest of whom has full blown AIDS.


By Mayme Lefurgey and Lesley Gittings: "A sanitary pad candetermine if a girl stays in school. Most girls in Malawi don’t have access to safe and comfortable menstrual hygiene products..."

Malawi Farmer

Smallholder farmers struggling with climate change in Malawi are turning to trees to help their crops grow.

Chile Farming in Malawi

Every day used to be a struggle for Egifa Nambazo especially to just get a single meal for survival with her children. But now it is history because with pepper, she wiped all her tears of hunger and poverty.


July 2011: Interview with January Mvula, who visited two sisters who say they were shot in their legs, by police, while they were cooking supper on the evening of the Karonga riots...


July 2011: January Mvula visited Bertha and Ella Ndileke, age 19 and 17, in hospital. The girls say that they had not taken part in the demonstrations and do know why they were targeted...


July 2011: By January Mvula - "The demonstrators presented a petition which laid out the problems people are facing.... Problems such as lack of fuel, lack of medicines, heavy taxes, and other issues which affect the poor in Malawi."


July 2011: Interview with January Mvula - "The Vice President told the Malawians that she is supporting the demonstrations. So Women were in the forefront...."


Malawian women have a long history of forming and participating in organisations such as saving-clubs, church groups, entrepreneurial clubs, arts and crafts groups and the like...

Woman in Malawi

April 2011: Seated on a wooden bench at her Katoto township house in Mzuzu, Grace Mkandawire’s face reflects the traumatic experiences she has endured since her husband’s death in 1998...