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Nov 2012: Young women and men working as house help are finding support through new associations that negotiate contracts with employers and advocate for their rights....

Vice President of the Cocamu Coffee Cooperative leads a meeting about gender awareness in the agriculture sector. | Photo: UN Women.

With a female majority in parliament, women at all levels of government and equal literacy rates for boys and girls, Rwanda looks to be a model of equality.

Children of Genocide: Jeanette, Clemence and Solange

April 2012: Jeanette is the head of her household. She lives with her mother, who suffers from severe post-traumatic stress. The only hope she has for her country is that it might never see war again...


Feb 2012: Dr Agnes Binagwaho, Rwandan health minister, says that in many ways her country is a victim of its own success. "We have much better child survival, but in the poorer, less educated families we have less uptake of family planning. The result is that there is not enough food...."

At a co-op meeting women explain how their lives have improved after becoming members. They can pay for their children’s educations and medical insurances, and fear less of falling ill. | Photo: UN Women/Ana Lukatela 

Feb 2012: Ibyiza Birimbere (which means Moving Towards a Better Future in the Kinyarwanda language) is an agricultural cooperative located in the southeast corner of Rwanda in the Kirehe District...


Three of our members from France travelled to Rwanda in June, and spent two weeks with the women from Abihuje, the group of women from Bwira that the project of the Centre Ubuntu works with.

This was a rich experience of cultural exchange, as well as practical achievements.

We managed to install an electrical connection in Bwira, which will provide light in the communal space that members of Abihuje use for their various activities.