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Farkhunda’s mob killing exploded the anger of Afghan women... When I asked Rona Popal about the result of this case she stated: “I am very upset to see all the injustices in everyday life of Afghan women.  Abuse of women is part of the culture in Afghanistan..."


May 2013: By Shireen Ahmed - "This is an incredibly successful program that has empowered many children in Afghanistan - amid political instability, civil unrest and drone attacks..." 


March 2013: Email from East London Fawcett Society - "The three [women] boxers on their way to the UK for Saturday's event 'Fighting for Freedom Afghanistan v UK' have been refused entry... This is event is now cancelled."


March 2013: By Noorjahan Akbar - "Women’s Political Participation Committee, All Afghan Women Union, and Development and Support of Afghan Women and Children Organization, united in organizing a gathering...."


"Women are scared, families are scared, and society is in a state of downfall....We have to face a new threat every day and fight it. Sometimes we are not fully recovered from the trauma of one event when the second one comes along."


Nov 2012: By Noorjahan Akbar - "Batool’s ex-husband is a writer and a high official... He had declared that one of Batool’s children did not belong to him. In Afghanistan this is a very serious accusation..."


Oct 2012: One protestor who spoke to TOLOnews said the Afghanistan's Independent Human Rights Commission had cases of over 50 "honour killings" in the first six months of the Persian year which had not been pursued....


Nov 2012: Mah Gul was a 20 year old Afghan woman who was beheaded for refusing to become a prostitute.... most people have not heard about her story – like that of many other women whose stories of victimization through violence are silenced.


Twenty-one-year-old Afghan activist Noorjahan Akbar says the Taliban’s shooting of schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai only strengthens the fight for girls’ rights...

Leslie Knott and children

Clara Boxall interviews Leslie Knott -"It is the fear of borders and culture that have created divisions. As human beings, we all have similar needs and desires for ourselves and our families...."


By Anita Haidary: Young Women for Change (YWC) decided to name Afghanistan's first all-women Internet cafe “SAHAR GUL:” it is named after her to remind every woman coming to internet café to remember how powerful a woman can be.

Women like Sahar Gul are symbol of power and hope. Her name will be reminder for all Afghan women to remember that no matter what, they have the right to stand up and start their live all over again. They have the right to live even if all doors are closed to her face.


YWC members have been speaking on TV about street harassment and will be opening a women-only internet cafe in Kabul on March 8th.

Not forgetting the refugees, in Afghanistan's coldest winter for 25 years, YWC is trying to provide as much help as possible, from women’s sanitary pads, to clothing for children and to food for families...