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Burnt-nursery-schoolBurned nursery school in camp2. 2 of the nursery schools in Section 1 and Section 4 are now burned down to the ground. Photo: WEAVE

By Mitos Urgel - Executive Director of WEAVE

Fire Sweeps Through Refugee Camp in Thailand

On Friday, 22nd March 2013, fire swept through Karenni Site 2, Ban Mae Surin, Mae Hong Son, Thailand, wiping out all houses in Section 1 and Section 4, leaving almost 2,000 camp residents homeless, injuring around 200 people and killing around 30 inhabitants.

Warm Clothes Needed for the Vulnerable

The refugee camp residents need immediate help for clean potable drinking water, food, medicine, warm clothes especially for women and children, tents etc.

Despite the scorching heat during this time, it is very cold during evenings and early morning.

WEAVE is organizing a relief operation, any form of assistance is highly appreciated.

Update Saturday, 23rd March 2013

On Saturday, 23rd March, we had an emergency coordination meeting, together with other NGO's in Mae Hong Son, local Karenni refugee leadership and UNCHR. The meeting was also attended by the MHS governor and relevant Thai authorities.

The official count is 35 lives lost. Over 200 have suffered from injuries. Four people sustained severe burns and two were sent to Chiang Mai for treatment.

Approximately 2,300 are now reported homeless in Karenni Site2.

Arrangements have been made for the emergency operations with assigned focal points for the coordination of assistance to the survivors of the devastation in Karenni Site 2.

"I mourn for the loss of our student and the tragic devastation in Karenni Site2.

My heart cry out to everyone especially those who have loss their love ones, family members and friends. And I hope that each one will find strength in the determination and collective spirit to face this reality and will take courage to move on and rebuild their lives."

Mitos Urgel

Karenni-refugeesOver 3,000 nursery school children normally attend the WEAVE assisted nursery schools in the 2 Karenni refugee camps on the Thai-Burma border. Photo: WEAVE

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