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September event

On Friday, 22nd March 2013, fire swept through a Karenni refugee camp in Mae Hong Son, Thailand, wiping out all houses, leaving almost 2,000 camp residents homeless, injuring around 200 people and killing 37 inhabitants.

Over three days in September a series of memorial events are being held

September 22

Ecumenical Prayer Service Eulogy for the dead. Reading of Letters for the Weary Souls. Poems and Solidarity messages. Hand-over of donations. Gallery of Support. Handprinting and distribution of healing wristbands.

September 23

General Cleaning and Tree Planting

September 24

March/Procession to the graveyard. Ecumenical Prayer. Final offering and ritual. Release of 37 Balloons

Mitos Urgel from WEAVE Women writes:

To date, much has been achieved in the reconstruction of the temporary shelters as well as community infrastructures. Assorted donations (food and non-food items, including clothes, cash transfers, etc.) have all been distributed to the fire survivors. Moreover, WEAVE has facilitated a series of community workshop sessions on community-based healing and recovery.  

We realize that much work needs to be done, particularly in ensuring that the Karennii community in Ban Mae Surin is supported in rebuilding their lives. However, we are fully confident that with the determination of the community and support from kindred individuals and groups like you, we can make things happen.