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Irish Republic

Jacinta Carey

Oct 2013: The funding for a state-of-the-art women’s refuge in Kildare has finally been agreed by the HSE. However, it falls short by €120k and as a result will only cover running costs to open two of the four apartments in the newly-built complex.


Jan 2013: By Louise Hogan - "It was my first time seeing Mary Robinson speak.... Any international humanitarian folk may not be aware how much she did for women in Ireland as a barrister and senator..."


By Louise Hogan: "When women are beaten or sexually assaulted or raped in Ireland, they not only have to deal with the traumatic legacy of the event, but with the apparent indifference of their justice system...."


Savita died of septicaemia, in Ireland on 28th October 2012... Savita had asked several times if the pregnancy could be terminated, as she was in excruciating pain....


Oct 2012: Eimear Clabby interviews Maura Harrington: “We were always ignored, politically, and every other way until we were discovered by Shell. We were considered bog-trotters.”


Eimear Clabby talks to Sarah Benson, CEO of Ruhama:  “Physically these women are debilitated, often malnourished, and overall –  in bad health...”


Feb 2012: An Eastern European woman who claimed she was gang raped while pregnant was arrested and imprisoned during the trial in the Republic of Ireland because she refused to give evidence...