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Calais camp 2

‘I’ve seen the exact conditions that the report details. Sewerage runs through the streets and the tap water isn’t safe. People are sleeping in tents which simply won’t be adequate for winter' - Amanda Wells.

Alimatu Dimonekene

In July 2015, police obtained the UK's first FGM Protection Order... The new orders can be applied for by anyone with permission from the court, allowing concerned individuals such as the police, teachers or others to help prevent FGM... yielding new hope for many women.


The lethality of the tripartite combination of war, patriarchy, and capitalism is evidently far more destructive a force than each on its own. Patriarchy was explicitly pulled in to the mix of war with rape camps, and capitalist interests were served by the furthering of women’s sexual exploitation...


There’s a much deeper issue here than the emergence of ‘gold digger academies’, an issue that concerns society and the future of the Russian nation as a whole. And this issue needs to be tackled fast before more girls see a life of fear, humiliation and dependence as the better of two evils. 


“I’ve witnessed an unpleasant incident when an elderly grandma tried to get in before the doors closed but only her arms and bag made it yet not one single man tried to help her by opening the slammed doors." - Didar (21), a veterinary science student.


Feb 2014: By Hilary Burrage - "We now know quite a lot about the cultural and social pressures which drive FGM... But one (largely) missing element in the campaigns to stop FGM is economic analysis..."


Courtenay Forbes interviews Bonike Erinle: "Barristers are advocates... I attended a 2-hour long seminar on FGM... I have certainly taken it upon myself to look at the ways in which I can be of assistance to relevant charitable organisations..."


Dec 2013: The White Ribbon Campaign organised awareness-raising events at HMP Pentonville, Holloway. Inmates made handprints centred on the theme These Hands Are Not For Hurting...


Dec 2013: yet another acid attack – the seventh reported by the media this year – made the newspaper headlines in Italy.


I am a Town Councillor for Lewes, in East Sussex, and I'm the Council's Anti-Domestic Abuse Champion. I think a lot of people, when they find out that I am male, are surprised that I hold this role...


I didn’t understand the behaviour I was experiencing was abuse, the looks and smashing holes in the doors, threatening the children and the ultimate threat of suicide if I left...

An actress is reflected in a mirror as she performs during the "15 22 performance" opposing violence against women in front of Chigi palace in Rome | Photo: REUTERS/Remo Casilli

Nov 2013: The Italian government declared a "total war" on gender violence, as Prime Minister Enrico Letta wore a red ribbon to mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.  Letta said much had been done over the past seven months to combat violence against women and that this was a pivotal time for Italy.