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A study found that, after analysing nine national newspapers for four consecutive weeks, 78 percent of all front-page articles were written by men compared to only 22 percent by women...


Oct 2012: By Peter Hilton - "Savile’s crimes have revealed a distressing undercurrent of abuse within the world of popular culture and celebrity...."


Community Vigil for Malala Yousufzai - 20th October 2012. Organized by the Women's Networking Hub.


Banaz Mahmod was brutally murdered by her own family, in an honour killing. Produced and directed by Deeyah, the film contains heart-breaking footage of Banaz herself, detailing the horrors she was facing and accurately predicting her own brutal murder...


July 2012: "Where private firms may be tempted to cut corners and make savings, in the context of children’s prisons, the results are far-reaching...."


July 2012: By Peter Hilton - "For the UK, income from military exports to the Middle East alone, generating £395 million in 2010. Meanwhile, Women's Aid has had to turn away nearly 1 in 10 women seeking refuge..."


July 2012: Lambeth Women's Project has been providing support for women and girls for almost four decades. The eviction notice is ostensibly due to a dispute over claims that LWP leaves inappropriate material [about FGM] in view of schoolchildren.


Islington Council insisted it was following court orders when it paid a religious expert to investigate the possibility of sending a child in its care to DR Congo for an exorcism ritual.


June 2012: Online pornography is fuelling a rise in young Scots committing violent sex offences after an "alarming" increase in the crimes was revealed, campaigners claim.

women smallholder farmers

June 2012: Ralph Roothaert, of Oxfam, said, "This Scottish Government funding will help women and men small-holder producers to build those skills and, together with others, negotiate for better policies and practices...


June 2012 "Disposable nappies, although convenient, do have a huge impact on the environment with a staggering 450,000 ending up in landfill each day in Scotland" - Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead.


A 12-year-old boy raped a nine-year-old girl because he wanted "to feel grown up" after viewing graphic images of sex on the internet....