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"I saw my friend and school mates shot. I don’t know how long I stayed under the cupboard, but a brave policeman rescued me and took me down stairs. It was like being in a horror movie...”


Beatrice Grandma has abandoned the FGM culture and refused to allow her seven grandchildren to undergo FGM, following visits by Compassion CBO volunteers in Nithi County, Kenya...


"My name is Hannah. I am a member of Kawaida Orphan women support groups. We decided to keep rabbits as a means of income. We benefit a lot from rabbit meat for it contains a lot of protein and is a white meat. Our group is made of the elderly women who are taking care of orphans.“


FGM is common in remote rural areas and in the slums, where poverty and illiteracy is high...

Once a girl has undergone FGM, she is regarded as an adult and can enter into early marriage. Many health issues result from FGM, such as greater risk of maternal mortality, HIV, tetanus and urinary tract infections.


Schools in the slums require a feeding programme for children, for many can’t sit and listen when hungry...

The interval between meals for these children is not about hours – but days.