Compassion News

Ndumberi Graduation

One of the members of Kagongo Women’s Group knew that poultry farming was what she wanted to do, but didn’t know where to start. She is now raising indigenous chickens for their eggs, having looked for and discovered a gap in the market...

Dancing to end FGM

There was a lot of singing and dancing and we discussed FGM... The girls all get T-shirts when they ‘graduate’ from the programme but there was one girl without the lime green apparel. I later discovered that she hadn’t been reached in time...


Afterwards Jane, who organised the seminar with Evanson, told us that the mysterious woman was a ‘cutter’ who was there berating the women who attended about how we were ruining her business and that she got 400/= per girl she mutilated and that the women needed to tell us to leave.


The girls were armed with the information that would make it possible for them to argue against anyone trying to talk them into being subject to FGM. Phyllis also made sure that they knew where to turn to if they needed help, and which chief, police station etc. was closest.


Ever since I have known Marty, from back in 2005, his great desire to support and help improve the lives of many poor students and needy children has been immense, despite him not having any job for all those years, but from his little savings, he has touched lives...

Chickens Compassion CBO

We had to start off on a smaller scale than we wanted - there are vaccinations, antibiotics and glucose... Not to mention the building work, feeder, water dispensers and heat lamps that Compassion had to get. Another problem is the unreliability of the power supply...


It is a great feeling to be even a very small part of what Compassion CBO does... Every couple of weeks, women from Bethsaida Women's Group come and dig up sweet potatoes for three hours a day, which are shared between the women's group and the orphanage.