Compassion school MayChildren at Compassion CBO's school

By Linnet Griffith-Jones in Nairobi, interning with Compassion CBO

9th June 2015

Kwa Herini

This is the end my friends: my last blog from Kenya. Although I am out here until the beginning of July, most of June has been set aside for travelling with my parents so I am going to wrap up here - as you’re here for the women’s rights and not my sauntering around East Africa being as kizungu as possible after five months without access to a cooker or a fridge.

If anyone followed the blogs I wrote while in Uganda, I’ll put your mind at ease - I am not going to talk about what I have learnt while out here: having finally realised that it is not about me and whether I have discovered anything about myself or found myself or anything equally self-absorbed. It isn’t even about whether I have made an impact, however small.

The whole point of these blogs has been to give a window into what goes on every day at Compassion CBO. The trainings, the projects and the anti-FGM seminars will continue without me being there to write about it, and without all of you lovely people reading about it.

The problems faced daily in Githogoro, and the other places I’ve been, won’t magically disappear. FGM [Female Genital Mutilation] isn’t suddenly going to stop, and people in the slums won’t instantly be able to rent houses with 24 hour electricity and running water; the only change will be that I won’t be here to blog and take pictures.

It will just be a little bit easier for the rest of us to not think about; but I hope you will remember that just outside Nairobi, Compassion CBO will carry on regardless.

I hope you will continue to support them, read the blogs that they put out, donate some money if you can, and send them as much love and encouragement as you can.

'Liking' a picture on Facebook, or a link, will take you half a second, but when you are here, on the ground, it makes a world of difference knowing that someone, somewhere, believes in what you are doing.

Baby Elephant 2I’m grateful to you for sticking with me for the last few months; it’s been a pleasure entertaining and informing you.

I’m leaving you with this picture of a baby elephant, because it is sweet, - and the photo above of the children of Compassion’s School, to remind you that there is always the future to think of and that you could have a hand in shaping theirs.