Building the new school roof

By Evanson Njeru

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters we managed to repair our school roof before the rains started.... Panic had set in at our school in the Githogoro Slums when we heard that there was going to be heavy rain.

We were worried.

Last year the old tin roof held up well. When it rained we just managed to avoid getting wet.
But this summer has been very hot and the heat had caused the roof to start to crumble.

The roof needed replacing.

Holes in roof

Our kids are all doing so well at school if we didn't manage to get the roofs fixed wouldn't be able to attend.
It was going to cost a lot of money - money we didn't have.

I decided to do something I don't like to do - I wrote to my friends at Safe World and asked if they could help.
They replied very quickly

"We will try and see what we can do"

Chris Crowstaff jumped into action and within a few hours she had created a post which was being shared all over Facebook.

What happened next was extraordinary. Within 24 hours we raised enough money.

Building the new roof

Two weeks later, our new roof was completed.

The new roof
Heartfelt thanks to our supporters!