SAWERA: Funding, Partners and Projects

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SAWERA depends on the generosity of private donors.



    • Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO)
    • National Rural Support Program (NRSP)
    • Pakistan Rural Social Worker Welfare Association (PRSWWA)
    • Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF)
    • SUNGI Foundation


    • Development Alternatives Inc; (DAI)
    • United State Agency for International Development (USAID)
    • The Embassy of Federal Republic of German at Islamabad
    • Avalon Network Ireland
    • CARE International Pakistan


  1. Community Mobilization for Sustainable Development in Jamrud (Completed);
    under this project, SAWERA established six male community-based organizations and six female community-based organizations for the first time in the tribal area. The funds provided by USAIDthrough DAI (Development Alternatives Inc.) and FATA Capacity >Building Program (FCBP).
  2. Emergency relief for flood victims in District Charsada (Completed)
    In flood emergency SAWERA provide Food & Non-food items to 200 house headed women.
  3. End the violence against women through advocacy and social mobilization in Jamrud Khyber Agency (Completed).
    SAWERA is working in particular to empower women both socially and economically, and enable them to actively take part in decision making. Under this project, SAWERA established two small shops for women. Initially SPO (Strengthening Participartory Organisation) provided funds for these interventions.
  4. Awareness Raising project for Peace Building Khyber Agency (Completed)
    With the financial assistance of CAMP/German Embassy, and also formed two Village Peace Committees (VPC).
  5. Setting-Up and Equipping IT Centres for Women in Jamrud Khyber Agency (On-Going)
    SAWERA established two IT centers for women and providing IT skills to SSC passed girls and women. Presently 45 women and girls are studying computer basics.
  6. Awareness on Health and Hygiene Education in Flood Affected Areas of District Charsada
    On a self-help basis, SAWERA has formulated well a stable strategy to raise awareness among pregnant women regarding personal, domestic and environmental hygiene. During this intervention, SAWERA also provides Nestle water bottles and water purification tablets to the affectees.
  7. Six Months IT Training to 32 students of Khyber Agency (On-Going)
    With the financial support of DAI/USAID, SAWERA is implementing an innovative project in Khyber Agency. Under this project SAWERA provides computer training to disabled persons, minorities, and women.
  8. Provision of Clean Drinking Water & Sanitation facility to flood affected people in UC Mirza Dher District Charsada (Completed).
  1. Integrated Humanitarian Assistance for flood affected populations towards livelihood restoration and meeting early recovery needs in District Charsada, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan.


Future Plans

Primarily SAWERA utilizes organizational resources, to involve women in decision making and raise their role socially, economically and politically.  SAWERA also desires to strategically involve women in developmental processes:

  • Create gender specific-roles in peace building.
  • Provide legal status for women of tribal areas particularly, and KP generally, through advocacy and lobbying.
  • Ensure basic health and education facility for women especially in FATA and KP.