One-Day Free Medical Camp Helps Hundreds of Women & Children

By Khadim Dahot, Managing Director, SDTS, January 2012

"SDTS will hold these types of camps in future in the areas where basic health facilities are not available"

Khadim H. Dahot, MD-SDTS.

Over 500 Receive Free Check-ups, Medicines


Medical-Camp-4A One-Day Free Medical Camp organised by Sewa Development Trust Sindh (SDTS) with the financial support of LEAD Pakistan, was held on Sunday, January 22, 2012, at the Government Primary School in Village Haji Gul Muhammad Bhatti, Union Council Fakirabad Taluka Kotdiji, and District Khairpur.

A total of 569 patients were treated and provided with free medical check-ups and medicines.


The medical camp started with a formal inauguration by Managing Director Sewa Development Trust Sindh, Mr. Khadim H. Dahot, the District Information Officer, Information Department, Government of Sindh, Mr. Sahib Khan Bhand, and the Director of Save the Life, Mr. Ghulam Hussain.

They also visited the camp and thanked Lead Pakistan for providing support to organise this camp in a remote area.

The Most Vulnerable Need Health Services

The main objective of the medical camp was to assist and provide necessary health support to the most vulnerable areas, where there is no medical facility existing nor provided by any other organization.

During the baseline visit, village Haji Gul Muhammad Bhatti was found one of most vulnerable villages, with a population of more than 1000; the basic need was to provide health services – especially to women and children in need.

Guests and Stakeholders Visit Camp

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Following are the list of guests and local stakeholders visited medical camp:

  • Mr. Khadim H. Dahot, Managing Director, SDTS
  • Mr. Ghulam Hussain, Director, Save the Life ­-Gambat
  • Mr. Zahid Dahot, Facilitator, British Council/SDTS
  • Mr. Sahib Khan Bhand, District Information Officer,Government of Sindh
  • Mr. Ghullam Ali, President, Maheen Organization
  • Mr Hakim Bhatti, Journalist, Sindh TV News
  • Mr. Hafeez Mangi,  Journalist, Mehran TV


Generous Doctors Provide Their Time and Service

Following are the physicians who came to our medical camp:

  • Dr. Marvi Bhatti, Women's Medical Officer, Govt. of Sindh
  • Dr. Feroz Ali Shah, Medical Officer, Agha Khan Foundation
  • Dr. Shakeel Arejo, Medical Officer, Govt. of Sindh
  • Dr. Anwar Illahi Sahito, Medical Officer, People's Primary Health Initiative (PPHI)


The Patients

Gender-wise Breakdown of 569 patients:

  • Male (Adult): 113 (20%)
  • Female (Adult): 317 (56%)
  • Children : 139 (24%)


Medical Conditions

Diseases wise breakdown:

  • Anemia cases: 169 (30%)
  • Diarrhea cases: 7 (1%)
  • Skin diseases: 131 (23%)
  • Malaria cases: 14 (3%)
  • Hepatitis cases: 4 (1%)
  • Eye Infection: 32 (6%)
  • Other diseases: 203 (36%)