International Womens Day - 2011

Sewa Development Trust Sindh (SDTS)

Held on 8th March, 2011 at Press Club, Khairpur Mirs (Pakistan)

Theme: “Equal access to education, training & science & technology pathway to decent work for women”.

On this day, SDTS held a peaceful demonstration and candle vigil walk wearing white ribbon for the unity of all women on this day.

SDTS-IWD"In Pakistan, rural Muslim women in particular are not generally allowed to go outside and they are also not even allowed to get education. That is why few women participate in the events organized by any organisation. The women you see in the pictures are the social activists and women's rights activists."
Khadim Dahot

During this event the large number of social activists, teachers, politicians, laywers, human rights activists, volunteers, women, girls and men actively participated.

About the International Women’s Day history it was also shared that the first Women’s day was celebrated in 19th March 1911 in Germany.

100 years on, International Women’s Day (IWD) has become a global mainstream phenomena celebrated across many countries and is an official holiday in approximately 25 countries including Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam and Zambia.

International Women’s Day is a global celebration of the economic, political, and social achievements of women past, present, and future.

However, activity has not always been on the increase.

The main objective of the IWD celebration is to motivate each one so that women are always step by step with men, the women are capable in all fields of life as well as all sectors of education, health, science & technology, and modern inventions you see without women in society is not completed.



On this occasion the Sewa Development Trust (SDTS) and Sachal Youth Forum (SYF) jointly celebrated the IWD with a candlelight vigil and wearing white ribbons (wearing a White Ribbon is to commit that never be part of violence against women) with a peaceful demonstration and walk.

Women also shared their experience of their lives and success and how they accept the challenges of successfully achieving their targets.

Posters, brushes, pamphlets were also distributed for the awareness of women’s rights and stopping violence against women. People with disabilities were also encouraged to join in with these events and to actively participate in the women’s day celebration.


Men taking part in Sewa Trust International Womens Day events

By the peaceful demonstration and walk, the vision of Unity was spread, with the focus of sustainable development and equal rights for all human-beings.

This walk also spread the message to stop the violence against women in our society and gives equal rights to all and provides equal opportunities for women because women’s are equal rights to survive in this world.

SEWA is also working for social rights of women and running women empowerment projects in all over Sindh.

Ms. Ambar Balouch, Ms. Hina Soomro, Mr. Khadim H. Dahot, Mr. Zahid Hussain District Manager Lead Pakistan and others addressed the participants and thanked all women and social activists for their participation.


Sewa Trust - International Womens Day - Candelit Vigil

All participants demanded that the Government of Pakistan and Provincial Government of Sindh provide equal access of education, training and science and technology for Pakistani women.


The events were covered by the press...

Sewa Trust - International Womens Day Press Coverage

Sewa Trust - International Womens Day Press Coverage