In partnership with Rafiki Theatre Group, we carried out GBV and HIV/AIDS drama, training and capacity building of military personnel and their families and local communities in rural Kaabong and Kotido Township on gender-based violence, human rights and domestic violence...


A combination of severe flooding and drought destroyed crops and infrastructure, with fatal consequencies. Well-wishers contributed to help fund the women to fight hunger, via the Safe World Kaabong Crisis Appeal...


"We buried four members last week" - Grace Loumo told Safe World founder, Chris Crowstaff in a phone call.

AWARE Uganda, Safe World Field Partner in Uganda, is struggling to feed their members, amidst famine caused by climatic extremes.


The First Lady of Uganda has awarded AWARE Uganda, in Kaabong, with a brand new tractor in recognition of hard work and dedication in providing for the rural community.

This tractor has especially helped with our agricultural endeavors and the will to continue eradicating poverty in the region....


Women are not helpless victims, they are powerful agents of change and their leadership is critical.

A gender equality pespective is essential when discussing policy development, decision-making, and strategies to mitigation and adaptation...


Grace Loumo - founder of AWARE Uganda, has been travelling oversees, to help the women and children of Kaabong, in a remote region of Karamoja on the border of Sudan...


The low social status of rural and urban Uganda women makes them vulnerable to violence and sexual harassment. This – along with female circumcision, wife inheritance, despite international declarations and conventions –  makes the prospects of a time that women will live liberated lives as full citizens a far-fetched dream....


Both schools are in small communities in rural, cattle-farming districts.

I told the children in south-west England about my visit to the school in north-east Uganda, and brought along letters from their new friends.


A recent flood in a rural warrior region of Karamoja, Uganda, saw many women and children tragically drown while trying to cross a river in search of food.

A few months later, a wildfire swept through Karamoja destroying over 50 homes, leaving families homeless, malnourished and consequently vulnerable to sickness.

AWARE Uganda

The Impact of Climate Change on Women and Children in Karamoja - Statement by AWARE Uganda, Safeworld Field Partner.


"I think people felt very lucky to hear from Teddy, first hand, of her experiences with AWARE Uganda."

Hannah Philp, Founding Director at The East London Fawcett Group.


Threats to peace, health, and security present a constant struggle for Kaabong women.

Alice Merilkol is HIV Positive, with four children. Just after Christmas, her husband was shot...

Last year, two girls were raped and abused at 13 and 16 years of age. The 13-year-old girl became pregnant and now has a baby boy...