On the 2nd February 2012, the First Lady of Uganda visited AWARE Uganda - Safe World Field Partner - and officially opened the new Maternity Waiting House, as well as promising free education for all children going to the Kaabong Senior Secondary School.


In Karamoja, contraceptive prevalence is very low; family planning service provision has been almost non-existent, and on-going violence and insecurity makes providing services difficult.

Many thousands of women in the region have not heard of family planning and face huge cultural barriers to controlling their own fertility.


Update from AWARE Uganda - Safe World Field Partner in Kaabong, Karamoja:

In recent months, AWARE-Uganda continued HIV/AIDS counseling and seminars amongst the community; the result is that this has encouraged more positive living and changed attitudes towards HIV/AIDs victims...


AWARE Uganda continues to bring many improvements for the women of Karamoja.

AWARE provides HIV/AIDS counseling and seminars and this has encouraged more positive living and changed attitudes towards HIV/AIDS victims.

Many more have come out and declared their status and the community has accepted them.

AWARE's Human Rights Programme continued by sensitizing the community on women and human rights.

More domestic violence has been reported to the authorities as a result.

And much more...


"Some weeks I could hear many gun shots, when there is cattle raiding.

Hostile tribes have access to guns which they use to attack the weak villages and there are ongoing problems of family neglect and economic hardship, displacement and homelessness.

The most affected people of all are the women (grassroots women) because they are always subjected and exposed to most of the dangers..."


"I examined a mother who had walked for seven hours to get to hospital. Her uterus was torn apart..."

Kaabong hospital theatre nurse.

Medecins Sans Frontiers teams up with Safe World Field Partner, AWARE Uganda, to prevent maternal and infant deaths in Kaabong, on the border of Sudan.


The women of Karamoja are predominately the main producers of food and taking care of their families as the men go raiding.

Traditionally and historically, Karamojong are nomadic pastoralists and never settled in one place.

Today so much has improved: the women are taking their children to school and building semi-permanent houses.

For these women, animal traction is a viable option that could increase women’s production and reduce their workload...


Microfinance brings new bedding for women in North-Eastern Uganda

"I am very happy of the microfinance at the AWARE-Uganda centre which has improve my financial status, and I have just purchased a mattress; something which I never slept on." - Me Namongo Anna, Karamoja, Uganda.


We are  pleased and excited that Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF)  Kaabong have agreed to collaborate with AWARE Uganda in creating  a maternity waiting house at the AWARE Women's Centre..



Tereza had been abused by men and left with 4 children to care for. Homeless, they had wandered the streets. Now... the men and women of AWARE Uganda carefully constructed her first home.