maternity-wing4AWARE founder, Grace Loumo (right), with pregnant women in Kaabong

Preventing Maternal & Infant Deaths in Uganda

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Medecins Sans Frontiers and AWARE Uganda Team Up to Prevent Maternal and Infant Deaths

By Teddy Curran, AWARE Technical Director, and Grace Loumo,  AWARE Executive Director & Founder

Maternity Waiting Hall Supports At-Risk Mothers

Medecins Sans Frontiers (doctors without borders, MSF) works with NGOs such as AWARE-Uganda to assist with identifying and supporting pregnant women.

AWARE-Uganda, based in Kaabong in north-east Uganda, supplied the hall and furnished it with beds, and made them available to critical condition pregnant women awaiting delivery of their babies.maternity-wing5

Because AWARE's facilities are located in a two minutes’ walk from the centre of Kaabong, it is now possible for delivery to take place at the main referral hospital, Kaabong Hospital.

AWARE volunteers with MSF and mid-wives identify the women at risk and bring them to the centre to avoid death of both mother and child.  They also offer medical services to many who can’t reach the health facilities on their own.

The dangers are great for pregnant women in isolated regions of Uganda, such as Kaabong:

“I examined a mother who tried giving birth at home but could not. She then decided to walk to hospital. The women had started labour at 11:00pm and she had walked for seven hours to get to the main hospital. Her uterus was torn apart”.

A nurse at the Theatre in Kaabong hospital.

Become a Friend and Supporter of AWARE Uganda

If you feel you would like to help with this essential work and commitment, become a friend or supporter of AWARE-Uganda.  You can help ensure that most of the people in excluded areas have a better life whilst contributing positively to the future their work.

We urge you to become a friend or supporter to enable its volunteers to continue their work and support for the suffering the HIV/AIDS patients and victims.