'I have just purchased a mattress'

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AWARE Uganda - in pictures

January to April 2011

"I am very happy of the microfinance at the AWARE-Uganda centre which has improved my financial status, and I have just purchased a mattress; something which I never slept on." - Me Namongo Anna


maternity "We the pregnant mothers at risk from far villages in Kaabong District's hard to reach areas, who are at present at the AWARE-Uganda centre, do appreciate the initiatives of AWARE Maternity Waiting House to improve morbidity and mortality rates." - Nakong Mary on behalf of all.



oxen"We have improved our home food security through ox-ploughs and seeds from AWARE-Uganda". - Women's group, Biafra.



womens-group"I would not have won this election of Councilor and be a leader if I had not gone through numerous trainings on leadership skills, through which I acquired the best knowledge and skills" - MS Nakiru Magalane, a present woman councillor of Kaabong Township.



at-work"Through exchange visits, we the group who visited UCOBAC in Kampala and SWID in Jinja, has learnt new strategies on basic care and support, and also how women acquire land and housing."



women"AWARE–Uganda has changed my life through support and care. I can now move freely in public without discrimination."



Against all odds

The women of AWARE Uganda continue to struggle against all odds.

Challenges faced in the last few months have included:Kaabong-children

  • Drought and famine.
  • followed by floods during which children diead and people's belongings were swept away.
  • Fire in Timu which gutted houses and granaries and caused injuries to people.
  • Hepatitis E which broke out in the Kaabong District, killing over 20 people.
  • The General Election, which delayed activities and brought divisions and ill-feeling between the communities.

Major achievements

Major achievements in the last few months have included:

  • More women have aquired land and access to housing and property.Grace--boy
  • Greater equality between men and women.
  • Increased community participation.
  • Improved food production.
  • Sharing best practice with grass roots women.
  • Teaching leadership skills.
  • Sharing of approaches to common problems, such as the scale of disinheritance.
  • Greater awareness of health issues, especially TB, HIV/AIDs and maternity health.
  • Support and care for women infected with HIV/AIDs.tribal-elders
  • Skills training on care, support and identification of simple illness, and referrals.
  • Small loan and savings schemes for more than 250 women.
  • Improved food security, water and sanitation.
  • Establishment of a maternity 'waiting house' for pregnant mothers at risk.
  • Establishment of an Education Centre to promote education for all.
  • Changing negative cultural attitudes and improving cultural rights, through worknig with the 'elders'.
  • Mass campaigning on climate change.

Worldwide and local support

AWARE Uganda has received help from:Kaabong-landscape

Uganda Community Based Association for Child Welfare (UCOBAC)

Slum Women's Initiative for Development

Medecins Sans Frontieres

Huairou Commission

German Embassy

Local and traditional leaders.