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Chris Crowstaff


I grew up hearing horror stories from Nana about hiding in flimsy air-rade shelters with her small son, in London. And now, talking with friends in Yemen, I become even more aware of what my dad and his mum must have been through. And the effect on subsequent generations.


Sometimes we all need a dose of something positive.... I'm lucky that this came to me recently in the form of visiting some WWOOFers, high up in the wooded Gloucestershire hills close to the Welsh border. WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms...

Cs daughter and Ugandan friends

On the 3rd July this year (my daughter's birthday), I will be at Covent Garden in London because Safe World for Women has been short-listed by the prestigous internet organisation - Nominet - for an award for 'Doing Good Online'.


A UNESCO report estimates that 200 million more men than women are online. The gender gap is due to various factors: chiefly a combination of cultural and economic. In developing countries, there is a 16 percent gender gap in internet access, compared to 2 percent in developed nations.

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Finalist for Nominet's 'doing good online' Internet Award!


As anyone who has ever suffered the death of a baby will know, it is a devestating experience, wherever you are. Talking can help. But in many parts of the world, talking and openly grieving are not options...


Anthony Sampson first met Nelson Mandela in a shebeen (drinking den) in 1951... the meeting was to be the beginning of a lifelong friendship.


I wanted to feel your presence, I wanted a hand to hold, Your little body so small, Your skin, ice-cold...

Chris Crowstaff receives Kayerva Award at United Nations in Geneva

"Grassroots women's groups need to become key stakeholders in the international development process" - Chris Crowstaff at UN in Geneva.

 Cynthia 2

The inspiration for Safe World for Women, Cynthia, was a very strong, humble and thoughtful woman, who spent much of her life volunteering to help others, especially the old and vulnerable, and those less fortunate than herself...

Pauline and Dave Frizzle

On the 21st September 2012, my elderly neighbour passed away. She was an integral part of everything that happened here, and was open and welcoming to everyone.
Through her, I learned the true meaning of community. It is appropriate that she chose to go on #PeaceDay 2012.


Chris Crowstaff looks at how conflict and trauma impact on future generations: "Nana would recount heartrending stories of neighbours who lost their homes, of hours spent in the bomb shelter. Nana clinging tightly to my dad, her only child..."