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deeyah honour killing and memini

Deeyah talks about her film: 'Banaz: A Love Story' - "It's about a young British Kurdish woman who was married at 16 to a man who was 10 or 11 years her senior. When she left her husband and found happiness by falling in love, she was murdered by her family..."


April 2011: Deeyah tells Chris Crowstaff: - "I came across Freemuse, during my worst time... I wanted to support Freemuse, in any way possible. The result is the CD - Listen to the Banned - which features artists who have suffered censorship and persecution.


Every day, babies are stillborn. Roderik was one of 3.2 million babies born each year who do not survive. Too often, this is due to denial of basic human rights. Chris Crowstaff talks about the journey which led her to campaign for women's rights...


"I qualified as Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales and became Member of the Law Society in November 2008.

Social work for me is not simply helping people out, but also to see changes around me. Women are the foundation of every society. Yet for many women in the world's poorest regions, life is extraordinarily difficult..."


1869 – John Stuart Mill was the first person in Parliament to call for women’s right to vote. This was followed by many years of women's campaigning. 19th March, 1911 – The first International Women’s Day. 8th March, 2011 - Centenary of International Women's Day. The global average of women in parliament is 19%. Only 1 in 13 participants in peace negotiations since 1992 has been a woman. Women have served as only 6% of negotiators to formalized peace talks and have never been appointed as chief mediators in UN talks...


2011 represents 100 years of the women’s movement, with major achievements and progress, since the very first International Women's Day in March 1911. But there is still a long way to go!



Scientists say that too much testosterone leads to too much aggression and reckless decision-making and suggest the stock-market crash may have been due to too much testosterone.

Children of Kaabong

My first impressions were of a dry semi arid desert with little or no vegetation as far as the eye could see. The Ugandan army were ever-present, in an effort to protect the warring tribes from each other...