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Missing-youPhoto by the author.

Expressing painful feelings, such as bereavement, through art, music and poetry can be especially helpful for young people.

The following was written by my daughter in 2013, nine years after the loss of her brother Roderik 11th March 2004. ~ Chris Crowstaff.

(Trigger warning)

Wake up I tell you,
Wake up I say,
Why aren’t you here with me?
Why aren’t you here today?

I wanted to feel your presence,
I wanted a hand to hold,
Your little body so small,
Your skin, ice-cold.

I'd waited for so long,
I'd waited for this moment,
I'd waited to hold you and say I love you,
When I said I loved you, that's what I meant.

I wanted to be there,
To watch over you,
To help you up when you fall down,
To look into your eyes, the colour ocean blue.

I wanted to watch you grow,
I wanted to hear everything that you'd say,
I never thought you would go,
I never thought it would happen this way.

Seeing your body disappear,
Knowing that you're dead,
Scattering your ashes,
Over the garden bed.

I miss you still,
I miss you to this day,
Thinking of you now,
In the bed where I lay.