Commemoration of World Health Day 2010


Fighting HIV/AIDs and Gender Based Violence

Women and the Sustainable Use of Female Condoms


Weekly Activism

WFAC Cameroon joined the International World for the first time in marking the celebration of the 2010 World Health Day in the University of Buea. In this light, series of activities for a week were organized and coordinated to commemorate the celebration.


  • Sensitized and trained Clubs / Association heads or representatives as Female Condom Peer Educator to their respective clubs/associations.
  • Increased the students’ knowledge, in particular female students on current preventive options to fight HIV/AIDs, STIs, STDs, Unwanted pregnancies etc.
  • Educate the female students on negotiable skills to avoid gender based violence, principally sexual violence.
  • Encouraged university clubs / associations to always team work so as to build a strong force of advocates for women’s reproductive rights.




1. EXHIBITION (March 29th – March 31st 2010)

  • Three Day Street Exhibition (Demonstration) with over One Thousand femaledoms shared to students and over One Hundred femaledoms demonstrated.
  • Responsible Female Condoms Peer Educators (WFAC Cameroon Volunteers + Health Club Students + 2 Individual Volunteers) and the University Students, all of the University of Buea.



2. SEMINAR (5TH April 2010):

  • Theme: “Women and the Sustainable Use of Female Condoms: Fight HIV/AIDs and Gender Based Violence”
  • Participants Present: Except for Support groups, each clubs/ associations were given a pack of Feminedom to support their demonstration.


A. Clubs / Associations Leaders or Representatives of University of Buea:

  • WFAC Cameroon Volunteers
  • Health Club - UB
  • Association for the Improvement of the Status of Cameroon Woman (AISCAW) – UB.
  • Association of Curriculum Studies and Teaching / Geography –UB
  • Association of Curriculum Studies and Teaching / Economics
  • BMSA(Buea) Medical Student’s Association) – UB
  • Faculty of Health Science - UB
  • Political Science Student Association
  • Soba UB Sub – Chapter
  • Advance School of Translation and Interpretation - UB
  • Fan’s Club - UB
  • SWAA (Society for Women and AIDs in Africa)– Buea, Cameroon
  • ACMS (Association Camerounaise pour le Marketing Social)



B. Presentation on theme:

  • 1. “Sexuality Education and Gender Violence + Female Condoms Demonstration” by Madam Alice Eyambi – SWAA , Cameroon
  • 2. “Correct and Systematic Use of the Female Condoms” by Mr. Etchu Roland – ACMS.
  • 3. “Possible Negotiation / Communication Skills in a Relationship” by Mr.
  • Stephen Seviden – SWAA – Cameroon.



C. Participants Questions / Concerns / Suggestions

• Participants Questions

  1. Can both partners wear condoms during sexual intercourse?
    Answer. No, because it might result to friction and consequently tear/ burst.
  2. What should a lady do if her boyfriend wants unprotected sex?
    Answer. In a relationship, always try to apply negotiation and communication.
  3. Can the femaledom be inserted on Menstruation?
    Answer: Yes
  4. Is the Female Condoms re-used?
    Answer: No
  5. Can the femaledom be inserted before any sexual act?
    Answer: Yes



• Concerns

  1. The female condom is another form of male condom but for the ring
  2. The female condom is noisy
  3. The femaledom is unhealthy, insecure
  4. The female condom doesn’t stay in one position during sexual intercourse
  5. The female condom can be pushed in to the stomach of the lady



• Suggestions:

  1. The female condom should have varied of sweet smell
  2. The female condom should be less expensive
  3. The size of the female condom should be reduce



APRIL 10TH 2010

This was to honor, as well as sensitize, the university community on the year’s them: ‘Urbanization and Health’ and also partaking in the 1000 cities, 100 lives Campaign.


18TH APRIL 2010
Responsible officers: Health club – UB + WFAC Cameroon Volunteers

Women For A Change Cameroon is immensely thankful to SWAA, ACMS, UB Health Club, Zoneziwohshow, for their massive and collaborative support through out the WFAC Cameroon Workshop 2010.

Hoping that this spirit of dedication and enthusiasm continues in subsequent celebration, do accept my sincere gratitude.
May God bless you abundantly.
Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo
President / Interim Project Coordinator, Women For A Change Cameroon (WFAC).