Some of the children were born from rapes and therefore they need assistance for survival...

Up to now, we are only sponsoring three children born from rape. This because of the lack of appropriate means.


Update from COFAPRI - Safeworld Field Partner in DR Congo:

Sometimes, women carry on their back burdens that are heavier than their own weight, just to earn money to feed their children.

We have started a plant and vegetable growing project on a very small plot of land in or near the compound of every member.

Some women are cultivating maize, sorghum, soya beans, beans, vegetable marrows and potatoes. The first harvest was very beneficial to the whole membership of COFAPRI.


Blog by Bahati Valerie Theophile, co-founder of COFAPRI - Safe World Field Partner in D.R.Congo.

Nyota told us that a majority of women in her area are widows because their husbands were killed during the wars.

This drove them to sell their bodies so that they could support their orphans. Once the husband is killed, the husband’s family members do not support the widow. They leave her alone with her children, and sometimes, she is chased away from the husband’s family; thus, everything the husband gave her: land, animals, clothes, etc. is taken from her.

These women now are suffering a lot, and some were again raped by militants....


When Religious Duty Becomes Slave Labour

The women strongly believe that a priest cannot harm them because he is a man who was chosen by God to serve them and these priests know this, which they use to abuse these DRC illiterate women and girls in remote villages....