Rich men, though married, sexually spoil young girls who are as young as their granddaughters.

If you visit some snack bars and nightclubs where rich people often spend their evening’s leisure sipping on glasses of beer, you can hear them repeating their motto: 

“ I have money, I can get as many girls as I want; they need money, so I give it to them and they give me sex”.

This is what sugar daddies believe in.


Survivors of war rape in DR Congo tell of their harrowing experiences.

Bwalikwa Nicolas, 21 years old, was forced to rape his older sister.
Mawazo Patience, 32 years old, was raped three times in a two month period.
Nzigire Chantal, 18 years old, was raped in the eyes of her parents and brothers.


Safe World Field Partner, COFAPRI, encourages Nyangezi parents to be open about sexual issues with their children.

Nyangezi is situated in the eastern part of DR Congo...  It consists of more than 13 villages, and it is here COFAPRI decided to start with its activities of helping women and girl victims of war and domestic violence.

In most African countries, including the DRC, sexual issues remain a taboo discussion between parents and children, and even grown-up people are not allowed to discuss the issue in public.

This belief generates dire consequences, such as that some women and girls who are sexually violated, fail to report the issue.

COFAPRI believes that this should be overcome, and that people should move with time...


Safe World's DR Congo correspondent, Mugisho, reports:

'The violators are people who are well known by the leaders, and are often also known to the victims.

This gives shame to the whole nation, the families, and the survivors of rape.

It is in this context that very recently on March 31, 2011 – again in South Kivu, that the village of Kikoze was a theatre of rape, of women and girls...