DRC view

TRIGGER WARNING:  "Sometimes, he asks me, "But mum, where is my dad?" This question never lets me sleep at all... I had my soul totally damaged and bleeding, but you are helping me and my child to understand that our minds can still be mended and so we can move forward. I believe in your unity and support to us."

DR Congo school

"COFAPRI is doing a great job. They are opening the eyes of our children.. Sending our daughters to school brings moral peace and security in our hearts. We can now ensure the future of our children will be ok with the education they are getting.” - COFAPRI member.


"Many women have been raped here in the eyes of their relatives and friends around. Some of them have children now and others have got ‘sina dawa' (AIDS)..."


It breaks my heart, To listen to women who were raped, To their heartbreaking stories, And those of their fatherless children.

However, it gives me heart and pride, To be part of Safe World for Women... I can see a bright future for women and girls, Thanks to Safe World.