Kroo Bay floods

By Nick Mason, Sponsorship Manager, WYCF. October 2015

Severe Floods at Kroo Bay

On the 16th, 17th, and 18th September 2015, Freetown suffered severe flooding. Kroo Bay was among the worst affected, with hundreds of families made homeless.

After the floods, while WYCF was issuing emergency supplies, President Koroma announced that the population of Kroo Bay might be relocated.

This is NOT a guarantee. WYCF will work with government and community stakeholders to monitor the issue and clarify the implications for planned projects such as A Safe Place on Stilts.

We hope you agree with our commitment to provide education services to the people of Kroo Bay, not simply to improve the location.

In the near future we may ask if you have any objections to us spending funds raised for A Safe Place on Stilts on building schools in a different location.

If you have any immediate objections or suggestions, please write to Nick Mason: .

Emergency Relief

We provided emergency relief to 350 people in Kroo Bay after the floods.

Collaboration with Street Child

We are delivering educational support to over 500 children in Central Freetown as part of a project led by Street Child to reduce the rate of school absences.

Secondary School Subsidy Programme

26 of our children completed their secondary school exams. This will be the first group to benefit from our Secondary School Subsidy programme, ensuring that no child misses secondary school for economic reasons.

First Volunteer Since Ebola Outbreak

A very warm welcome to Marcus Olsson, our first volunteer since the start of Ebola, who has arrived in Freetown. Marcus will be a teacher's assistant and help our Head of Schools, Elizabeth, set up a 'child files' system.

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