WYCF 2015

Looking back at the impact of We Yone Child Foundation in 2015 - and forwards to plans for the year ahead - Holding the tenets of education, community development and sustainability to heart...

By Nick Mason, Sponsorship Manager, We Yone Child Foundation (WYCF)

Our impact in 2015

There's almost too much to share, so we've picked out a few highlights for you!

In 2015, We Yone Child Foundation:

  • Reached 7,700 people with our Ebola education 'train the trainer' campaign in Freetown's poorest communities.
  • Re-built two schools to a much higher standard.
  • Returned 280 children to primary school education in the aftermath of Ebola.
  • Enabled 37 of those children to graduate to secondary school.
  • Hired three new staff members, Elizabeth Brewah (Head of Schools), Kabba Kargbo (Finance Officer) and Alice Ngauja (Senior Social Worker).
  • Grew our Facebook community by over 100% to 1500 followers.
  • Collected valuable data about our children and their families. Each and every finding helps to shape our work:
    Average household income is between SLL100-300k per month (or £15-45).
    Our children usually have five household duties and one income generating responsibility, alongside school.
    Two thirds of our children have had malaria.
All our costs boiled down to £120 per child in 2015.


Our plans for 2016

Holding the tenets of education, community development and sustainability to heart, our work in 2016 will focus on three particular areas:

New School

  • Build a third school in George Brook. In parallel, Elizabeth (our Head of Schools) will drive a step-change in school standards.
  • Launch secondary school subsidies to support our first 37 primary school graduates, and every graduate thereafter, through secondary school.

Health and Sanitation

  • Focus our community development efforts on healthcare. Sickness has immediate and lasting negative effects on household security and wellbeing.
  • Develop a health insurance and education scheme to ensure that our children and parents can access free (or subsidised) health care at the point of need.
  • Build sanitation facilities.

Business Development

  • Boost revenues through our existing commercial scheme, the WYCF Home. Our Head of Sustainability (currently hiring) will also develop new business opportunities and increase our fundraising capacity.
  • Launch We Yone Patrons, a network of our major supporters who want to see their money have a direct impact on a cause that matters to them. To learn more about joining, please write to .