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RENATA : Réseau National des Associations de Tantines

Aug 2011. Dadine Dsandjon is the Assistant Executive Secretary of RENATA (Reseau National des Associations des Tantines, or “National Network of Aunties Association” in English), a network of more than 60 “Aunties” associations in Cameroun that bring comprehensive sexuality education to adolescents and teenage mothers.


A woman in labor rested in the delivery room of the hospital in Arua.

Jennifer Anguko slowly bled to death right in the maternity ward of a major public hospital.

Now a lawsuit over her death may be the first legal test of an African government’s obligation to provide basic maternal care.


July 2011: Interview with January Mvula, who visited two sisters who say they were shot in their legs, by police, while they were cooking supper on the evening of the Karonga riots...

Amal Habbani

Amal Habbani, a Sudanese journalist who reported on the assault and rape of a political activist in January by the country’s security forces was sentenced to jail on Tuesday over her detailing of the incident.


July 2011: January Mvula visited Bertha and Ella Ndileke, age 19 and 17, in hospital. The girls say that they had not taken part in the demonstrations and do know why they were targeted...


July 2011: By January Mvula - "The demonstrators presented a petition which laid out the problems people are facing.... Problems such as lack of fuel, lack of medicines, heavy taxes, and other issues which affect the poor in Malawi."


July 2011: Interview with January Mvula - "The Vice President told the Malawians that she is supporting the demonstrations. So Women were in the forefront...."

Children warriors of Al Shabbab

The Child Soldiers of Somalia

In a country, at permanent war with itself, over 100 children were injured in weapon related incidents in one week.

In a recent report the World Health Organisation (WHO) stated that, in the first week of May, nearly a hundred children aged under five, were admitted to hospital in Somalia, suffering from weapon-related injuries.

Exact number of child soldiers In Somalia is unknown, but one NGO suspects between 2,000 and 3,000 children are in different armed groups.

Agnes Lasuba: Photo: Manyang Mayom/ Sudan Tribune

On 9 July 2011 the world witnessed the birth of a nation — South Sudan, Africa’s 54th country.

South Sudan’s Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare Agnes Lasuba talks about the country’s independence and what it means for women.


Safe World Field Partner, Empower and Care Organization (EACO) implements community-based projects in Uganda.

EACO has been working with women and children in the Mukono and Maracha districts in the sub counties of  Kyampisi, Nama, Ggoma, Nakisunga, and Mukono central division.


June 2011: Interview with Amanda Lindhout - "I thought: I am going to do something to make this a better place for these women and I had 15 months of being held captive to focus my energy on this..."

Dr Congo Tribunal

June 2011: Given the lack of confidence in the judicial system, many survivors choose to handle sexual assault allegations at the family level. This allows them to avoid the shame and stigma of publicity. But it also means some survivors must marry their rapists...


Malawian women have a long history of forming and participating in organisations such as saving-clubs, church groups, entrepreneurial clubs, arts and crafts groups and the like...