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Just a Drop was able to provide Namanganga Village with a borehole and hand pump...

"The women can now spend more time on their domestic responsibilities and the children can attend school more," says EACO Director, Shadrak Kyobe.


May 2012: Dominique Roberts talks with gilrs in the Kayamandi township - "Thandeka is age 19. She lives in a three-roomed shack with her mother, grandmother, four step-siblings and her toddler..."


May 2012: By Koketso Moeti - "Speaking to girls who had attended school, it seems that the ugly head of poverty once again affects girls' ability to complete school..."


Post-Conflict reconstruction: The Bafanji women tell it all - When it began, the aftermath challenge and how they contributed to the reconstruction and rebuilding of village post-conflict.


Campus Journal interviews Kasozi Abdu-Karim - direcor of BAFNET.

'I found out that many elderly people were living with orphaned children due to HIV/AIDS. Most of the people I visited lacked almost all basic items and that is why I came up with the idea of helping the elderly and orphans.'

Rescued: Magali, 15, and Shakira, 19, seated with Patience, were trafficked from Nigeria. Photo: Angela Catlin

I had arrived in Burkina Faso to investigate a human trafficking problem escalating into one of the worst in Africa. A London-based organisation had tipped me off that criminal gangs - mostly Nigerian - were targeting Burkina Faso in order to circumvent tightened border controls elsewhere.


According to the Institute for Security Studies, South Africa has one of the highest level of child rape globally....

Members of the ANC Women's League and other activists vent their anger outside court. | Photo: Chris Collingridge  INLSA

In the notorious cellphone video of a 17-year-old girl being gang-raped, the perpetrators are seen laughing and taking turns to rape her.

As the seven accused walked into the Roodepoort Magistrate’s Court, some hid their faces in shame.

Children of Genocide: Jeanette, Clemence and Solange

April 2012: Jeanette is the head of her household. She lives with her mother, who suffers from severe post-traumatic stress. The only hope she has for her country is that it might never see war again...


March 2012: By Zoneziwoh Mbongdgulo - "Known as ‘ngangis’ or ‘tontines’ (women-owned spaces), they have existed for centuries. To date, ngangis remain one of the most active and oldest forms of rotating micro-savings programmes for many people--grassroots women in particular."

South African woman fetching water

March 2012: Report by Koketso Moeti - "As primary caregivers, women are the heaviest users of water... they often compromise their own safety by going long distances for water."

Mini-skirt march in Johannesburg

March 2012: By Koketso Moeti - "Until the day that women are able to walk fearlessly through the nation’s streets, no one can truly say that they are free. A woman's dress code should never be taken as an invitation to rape, molest, or violate her in any way..."


Feb 2012: Dr Agnes Binagwaho, Rwandan health minister, says that in many ways her country is a victim of its own success. "We have much better child survival, but in the poorer, less educated families we have less uptake of family planning. The result is that there is not enough food...."