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12-Jan-3Photo source: via Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale

'The Father Christmas Days Are Over' - Declares Governor of Nigeria's Central Bank

Report by Adepeju Mabadeje
Nigerian Lawyer and advocate for the rights of women and children

12th January 2012

Its day 4 of the strike in Nigeria and the crowds from yesterday have almost doubled in Lagos.

Adepeju-Mabadeje2Adepeju MabadejeThis is no joke! Some protesters don’t even leave the protest ground as they are seen clutching their mats and mosquito nets. Protesters walk miles and stand for hours to register their displeasure against government’s policy and what they perceive to be reckless spending.

In reaction to widespread protests against its policy, the government has maintained it will not shift its stance. Jan-12th-5Photo source: via Adepeju Mabadeje

The governor of Nigeria’s Central Bank said on television this morning in relation to the removal of oil subsidy that ‘the days of government father Christmas are over.’

The question on the lips of many Nigerians is the moral capacity of the CBN governor to make this declaration when he confessed on national television that ‘he cannot remember when last he paid for his own fuel.’

12-Jan-2Photo source: via Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale It may interest you to know that in a country without basic infrastructures, Nigerians have been forced to provide their lights via generators due to epileptic electricity supply, drill their boreholes due to nonfunctioning of government water stations, and employ their on security guards due to security failures.

The people have refused to go back to work until the government policy removing the oil subsidy is reversed. The government has maintained its stand.

Who will blink first I can hear you ask? Only time will tell...


2012 Budget and monumental corruption: WHY WE SPEAK OUT!

N280 million for two bulletproof Mercedes Benz saloon 600 E Guard at N140 million each
N356.72 million for new vehicles in the presidential fleet
5 Mercedes Benz 350 (semi plain/partial bullet proof) at N25 million each, 10 jeeps (assorted – Range Rover, Prado and Land Cruiser) at N10 million each, and accessories for these vehicles will cost N25 million
N57.43 million to upgrade facilities at the Presidential Villa
N127.50 million to overhaul power generating sets
N512.385 million to refurbish the family wing of the main residence
N385.35 million for land reclamation at the State House Medical Centre
N101.67 million for the rehabilitation of transformer substation in the villa
N97.95 million for extension/expansion of State House car parks (The more SUVs and cars you accumulate the more ground you need to park them in!)
N108 million for communication equipment at the Villa, Dodan Barracks and vice president’s guesthouse
N36.88 million to rehabilitate presidential/ministerial chalet at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, despite spending/budgeting N48 million for this last year
N52.87 million to rehabilitate 10 presidential houses on Ibrahim Taiwo Street, Abuja, despite allocating/spending N101 million
N530.57 million to rehabilitate the State House and Dodan Barracks, despite spending/allocating N628.64 million this year on the two properties
N357.731 million for repairs and renovation of the administrative building at the Villa, despite allocating/spending N302.29 million on this last year
N62.23 million for the rehabilitation of the banquet hall dome roof, despite allocating/spending N81 million on the roof last year.
N992.57 million for feeding the president and the vice president