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"The ICEF staff heard the sounds of explosions and hurried to help the injured and answered an appeal for blood donations."


Kulsoom Rizvi visited the Hassan Academy in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, which provides inclusive education for both disabled and non-disabled children....

Funeral of Perveen Rehman

March 2013: 'Ms. Rehman was a tireless social activist.... Until such time as the governments of Sindh and of the country make a stand... Pakistan will remain a country suffering from the worst type of insanity...'


"Although we knew nothing about sex, we all knew about shame, purity and family honour. We have just one word for it in our language, izzat..."


By Farahnaz Zahidi Moazzam: 'This is the story related by a Pakistani mother whom I talked to today about Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting, practiced in her community....'


Jan 2013: 'We call on the government to take immediate measures to end impunity for crimes against women and to take legislative, educational and other appropriate measures...'


The two girls, 14 year old Malala Yousufzai and 11 year old Ramsha Masih, have changed the mindset of the society which was under the pressure of repression and terrorism...


By talking to friends and peers about violence against women and girls, and by taking action to end it, young men can help break the ingrained behaviour of generations....


Dec 2012: By Josh Shahryar - "the crime was committed in a society where misogyny –  horrible, depressing, violent misogyny –  often goes unnoticed, unabated and unpunished...."


Nov 2012: 'The biggest challenge apart from direct threat to the life of journalists in Pakistan is a culture of impunity.... Journalists often complain about receiving threats, including from the country's intelligence agencies...'


Nov 2012: "The responsibility for allowing the Taliban to exist on Pakistani soil is the non-transferable responsibility of the government of Pakistan...."


Nov 2012: “I am more serious about pursuing higher education after the incident … Women make up half of our society... Shazia is also recovering fast and will be back soon."