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Sri Lanka

Rizana Nafeek's Family

Rizana Nafeek while underage was sent as a housemaid to Saudi Arabia, on forged documents....


Nov 2011: A Sri Lankan delegation visiting Dawadmi, 380 km from the capital, was given a warm welcome by the Otaibi tribe leader Mohamed Faihan Shoraim Al-Otaibi.


Nov 2011: A press release by the secretariat of the Sri Lankan Western Province Governor said there is some progress and they hoped they could obtain Rizana's release.


Nov 2011: It was grinding poverty that compelled Mohamed Nafeek and his wife Ranzeena to send their schoolgirl daughter, Rizana, to work as a domestic maid in Saudi Arabia in mid-2005.


Nov 2011: A Sri Lankan housemaid who spent six years on death row in Saudi Arabia had an emotional meeting with her parents in Riyadh...“Take me home,” Nafeek cried when she met father Mohammed and mother Rifana at a Dawadmi jail.

Biruntha Ravichandran, 21, a deminer working for the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action (FSD), searches for mines in a mine field in Kannaddi, located in Mannar district in Sri Lanka. | Photo: Reuters/ALERTNET/Nita Bhalla

Wearing a visor and a protective vest over grey fatigues tucked into black military boots, former housewife S. Dishanty crawls on her hands and knees through dense bush, slowly inching forward and methodically scanning the ground.


Sept 2011: The two suspects in the Rizana Nafeek alleged human trafficking case who are in remand were further remanded until September 26 pending the filing of Charges against the suspects by the Attorney General.


Rizana Nafeek is a Sri Lankan immigrant maid. One day, when Rizana was left alone to bottle-feed, the baby started choking. Rizana was 17 at the time...


Aug 2011: Sri Lankan news reported that Rizana was likely to be formally pardoned and brought home 'very soon'. A ministerial delegation from Sri Lanka was said to be in Saudi Arabia attending to the formalities.

Rizana's family outside home in Sri Lanka

July 2011: Mother of Sri Lankan housemaid Rizana Nafeek asked Sri Lankan government to take legal action against the foreign employment agency which falsified her daughter's documents..

Save Rizana Nafeek

July 2011: The Sri Lankan government is ready to pay the blood money to save Rizana Nafeek, the country's Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare Minister Dilan Perera told Arab News


june 2011: The signed statement of Rizana Nafeek of Muthur, Sri Lanka, has shed new light in her case and how her case was badly handled by the Sri Lankan Embassy Officials in Saudi Arabia, as well as by the lawyer who has been retained on her behalf...