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Oct 2013: To date, 87 men have received the Nobel Peace Prize and 14 women.... The Nobel Prize has been awarded 807 times to men and 44 times to women.


Sept 2012: Following horrific incidents where Women Human Rights Defenders were targeted, Safeworld issued a statement, endorsed by AWID, WNN, and NGOs worldwide, on the urgent need for protection of Women Human Rights Defenders...

regnant teenagers stand at the entrance of a maternity home in Jinotega city | REUTERS/Oswaldo Rivas

Oct 2013: Every year, 7.3 million adolescent girls give birth in developing countries, 2 million of them under the age of 15. In Latin America, 18 percent of women aged 20 to 24 have given birth at least once before the age of 18. 


By Olutosin Adebowale - "Why would such an old man want to marry a 15 year-old child? Why would my mother conceive such plan? He was old enough to be our father... "


By Zoneziwoh Mbongdgulo - '“The ageing population is the fastest growing minority group”... one Kenyan delegate told me at the 2nd International Conference on Ageing, in Quebec.'


May 2013: By Courtenay Forbes - "The report by the UN Rapporteur on Torture emphasises that absolute bans on abortion have been deemed as violating the prohibition of torture and ill treatment..."


April 2013: By Soraya Chemaly - "Is it too much to hope for that Facebook's famously pro-woman chief operating officer might do something about Facebook's misogyny problem before she is simply forced to act because it's hurting the company's bottom line?"


April 2013: By Peter Hilton - "Pre-existing problems such as famine and water shortages are exacerbated by conflict, and those hit hardest by this are women and children...."


I try to put myself in your shoes. You had consented to a marriage when you were much younger than me and there I was: educated, older, far too independent and far too westernised...