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Feb 2013: Interviewed by Sandro Fernandes, Dr Sheba Rakesh says: “Sadly, when we talk about aggression towards women, we are all vulnerable... Women's safety is a social issue, not a geographic one”.


Feb 2013: Nationality is an essential step in helping individuals access a fair and decent life and their equal rights – to education, healthcare, work, marriage choices and much more...


Feb 2013: A worldwide report by Equality Now demands that nationality and citizenship laws, which discriminate on the basis of sex, should be urgently revised in line with international legal obligations...


By Lola Johnson: "Over the years, as a black woman, I have witnessed many online debates about skin colour and its relation to beauty... Controversy only ensues when those considered inferior have forced upon them a Westernised standard of beauty."


Dec 2012: By Louise Hogan - "Sexualised violence is used in conflict to humiliate, punish and subjugate, to destroy the social cohesion of communities and even as a form of ethnic cleansing, through forced pregnancies..."

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Nov 2012: "The Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition stands in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of women activists around the world who... uphold women's human rights, the rights of communities, and of the environment."


Nov 2012: Thousands of organizations across the globe demand an end to violence in their communities as part of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign, including Women for a Change Buea...


Nov 2012: The UK refused to ratify the Indigenous/Tribal people’s convention. Courtenay Forbes asks Chloe Corbin of Survival International about the implications for tribes affected by UK companies working oversees...


Nov 2012: Diana Scimone, founder of Born2Fly: "I kept hearing that kids get taken because they don't know the lies that traffickers tell. It's the same with their parents...."