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October 2012: By Courtenay Forbes - "11th October 2012 marks the first ever International Day of the Girl - designed to acknowledge the importance of endorsing girls’ rights across the planet...


Oct 2012: By Elahe Amani - "‘Take a Stand for Teachers’ means removing gender barriers for more than 570,000 women teachers inside Iran. It also means an end to the gender social engineering that is now happening..."


Sept 2012: – "Governments have signed numerous conventions and agreements to stop gender-based violence, but implementation and results have been underwhelming..." - Saraswathi Menon, director of policy for UN Women.


Aug 2012: By Claire Poyser - "For many women in Saudi Arabia, Shahrkhani has acted as a role model, demonstrating that one can respect Islamic traditions while also competing in an international sporting event..."


Aug 2012: Advertising agency, BBH approached Safeworld to support a campaign against sex trafficking. We were shocked to find that the same agency partners with a men's magazine notorious for the objectification of women...


July 2012: By Peter Hilton - "Following the tightening of fire-arms ownership regulations in Australia, the number of homicides committed against women involving guns dropped by 57 percent..."


July 2012: By Jennifer Timmons - "Two hundred and twenty-two million is the estimated number of women and girls in developing countries who do not want to get pregnant, but lack access to contraceptives, information, and services..."


July 2012: The Small Arms Survey estimates that 875 million small arms today are circulating around the globe as part of a 6 billion dollar industry. The UN warns that the shelf-life of small arms often surpasses the length of military conflict...


June 2012: Small arms, the most common weapon used against women in general, often facilitate rape and other gender-based assaults both during and after conflict...