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Peter Hilton interviews Lisa Sloman Moll: "Forced removal... was used by many governments to persecute women who attempted to assert their political rights, or who voiced dissent...."


June 2012: Women News Network: - "Land grabs... can put women in the direct line of violence and armed police conflict, as seen by many women who have witnessed forced evictions in Northeastern Cambodia."


June 2012: The film, “Seeds of Freedom”, shows how powerful interests are destroying diversity, and the resilience and food security that have been bequeathed to humanity by our ancestors...


June 2012: By Peter Hilton - Across the world, women are affected by environmental issues, which often lead to long lasting detrimental effects on their chances for independence and equality, as well as on their standard of living..."


June 2012: Natalie Palmer interviews Julia Kennedy, senior lecturer in Journalism at Falmouth University: "Social media is undoubtedly an empowering tool. Here in the industrialized west, we take it for granted, but we need to remember that it isn’t like that everywhere..."

Rejoins-moi - Join me on the Bridge Campaign 2012

Feb 2012: Join me on the Bridge is the coming together of women and men around the world, united in taking a stand for peace and women's equality...


Jan 2012: “Each year more than 1 million kids get lured into trafficking... Some are just 5 years old. Our goal at Born2Fly is to reach kids before traffickers do - and we are hoping that this book will help us do that,” Diana Scimone. 


2011: Tawakkul Karman, a journalist and member of the Islamic party Islah, is the first Arab woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize, and at 32, the youngest peace laureate ever. She also heads the human rights group Women Journalists without Chains.


"We knew about Safe World for Women from my mom's letters and it made a big difference to us to know that the world was watching." - Sarah Shourd.