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Dec 2011: Scientists suggest that neural adaptation may help explain why children exposed to family violence are at greater risk of developing anxiety problems later in life...

Fourteen-year-old child bride Lalita Saini (R) in Alsisar village, about 200 km (124 miles) north of Jaipur, India, April 25, 2007. REUTERS/Tanushree Punwani

Aug 2011: The U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child considers marriage before the age of 18 a human rights violation. But according to the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW), there are more than 50 million child brides worldwide...


June 2011: Jen Timmons interviews Mike Domitrz, internationally reknowned speaker, author and expert on sexual assault and safe dating - "Regardless of gender, discussing dating and sexual decision-making with your children is essential..."


What is Normal and Acceptable? It’s not easy to learn that even in the 21 century we women must face violent behavior from men whom we trusted before...


'When I was in Evin Prison in Tehran, a guard twice brought flowers to my cell... When I broke down and cried, she would hold me in her arms, look me in the eyes and say, "God willing, Sarah, it's going to be OK.'


MEMINI is an online site of remembrance for the known and unknown victims of honour killings. MEMINI’s hope is that these stories are told and that shame fall where it is deserved: on the murderers who stood in judgment of innocence....

Youngbee Dale

April 2011: Interview with Youngbee Dale - "Initially I was interested in migrant workers’ rights in Asian countries.  I quickly learned that human trafficking is an issue that is closely tied to this area..."


Dr. Lichter talks about her book - 'Muslim Women Reformers: Inspiring Voices Against Oppression' - "I started asking myself: “Why are we leaving the field open to the extremists when we could be supporting the reformists?"

Chela Alvarez Stehle

Feb 2011: Interview with Chelo Alvarez-Stehle: "I first encountered sex trafficking as a reporter in the Himalayas. I found myself talking with the victims of human trafficking in the region, which became the basis for the film..."