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On the 11th March, I attended a talk by Legal Action Worldwide... Antonia Mulvey (founder) spoke of a widespread desire for accountability at a grassroots level in countries such as Somalia: in this specific context, victims of sexual abuse want their attackers to be held to account...


Nov 2014: Barranquilla, Colombia: We had a special conference day about women and post-conflict, trying to find out how to bring women together to effectively bring peace... including some Safeworld partners and colleagues speaking about their experiences..


The gender narrative when taking testimony is often a turning point in an individuals’ experience... it is clear that there is a higher likelihood of females experiencing forced domestic work and sexual exploitation, in contrast to men who are more likely to be forced into physically enduring work...


Discussing disheartening issues and stories... are important because they demonstrate that voices matter. It demonstrates the detrimental effects that sex slavery can have on vulnerable women and that we ought to listen intently.


National issues will continue to impact women the most harshly in countries with long histories of gender inequality... As long as gender inequality exists, campaigns calling for equal opportunities and rights for women will continue to spread and grow in momentum.


March 2014: IWMF urges the Supreme Court to recognize journalists' protection against compelled disclosure of confidential sources...


Dec 2013: By Peter Hilton - "It is clear from the statistics and the different policies across the globe that small arms are a massive contributing factor to instances of domestic violence...."

 Domestic violence and guns

Nov 2013: By Karen R. Lambie, Ph.D - "A sad fact is that the greatest risk of gun violence to women is not on the streets or in war zones, but in their own homes..."


Bertha von Suttner was the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, in 1905. Author of 'Die Waffen nieder!', she founded an Austrian pacifist organisation...