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Diana Scimone - Born to Fly: A tale of a dream that would not die

A Book to Help End Human Trafficking

Uh-oh. Blossom is in big trouble. Her grandfather warned her not to go beyond the village gates. After all, no caterpillar in Twig Valley has ever ventured there and returned to tell. But Blossom has a dream in her heart — much too big a dream to stay stuck in tiny Twig Valley.

For centuries the caterpillars of Twig Valley have lived with a Dark Cloud over the land. For as long as anyone can remember, no caterpillar has become a butterfly. No one has dreamed of being anything more than bugs that crawl in the dust of the ground. Except Blossom. When Popi shows Blossom an ancient scroll, she learns about the Legend of the Dark Cloud with its mysterious riddle.

The Legend promises that whoever solves the riddle will dispel the Dark Cloud—and dreams will once again return to the land. Against Popi’s advice, late one night Blossom sets out on an adventure to solve the secret riddle.

Her journey takes her not only through the village gates but into an unknown land where she meets the evil Dream Thieves. Disguised as friends, they roam the land stealing the dreams of young caterpillars who dare to believe they are destined to soar.

Born to Fly is an illustrated chapter book for young children, ages 4-8 years, approximately the age level of Charlotte’s Web and Bunnicula. Born-to-Fly

The story features a strong girl character who faces not only the evil Dream Thieves but also her own fears. In her quest to follow her dream, she learns valuable lessons that will inspire girls and boys alike to pursue their dreams in their own hearts.

Born to Fly features 43 charming illustrations in soft pastel by artist Leah Wiedemer. The story is written by Diana Scimone. Scimone and Wiedemer have previously collaborated on the Adventures with PawPaw children’s book series.

Proceeds from the sale of this ebook go to The Born2Fly Project.

A companion website - - has games and activities for children, and a free reading guide and curriculum for schools.

Born to Fly is published as an ebook and is available on iPad, Kindel, Nook, Sony and other readers.

Diana Scimone

Author Diana Scimone is a journalist whose work chronicling human rights and justice, has taken her to more than 40 countries from Sudan to Zimbabwe. She founded The Born2Fly Project in 2003 to meet some of the many needs she has seen among the world’s children.

Today The Born2Fly Project’s only focus is working to stop child trafficking through an awareness and prevention programme. This programme is currently being tested in 5 countries.

“Each year more than 1 million kids get lured into trafficking, including in the U.S,” says Diana. “Some are just 5 years old. Our goal at Born2Fly is to reach kids before traffickers do - and we are hoping that sales of this book will help us do that.”  

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