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Rejoins Moi Au Pont - Women for Women International

February 2012

Join me on the Bridge is the coming together of women and men around the world, united in taking a stand for PEACE and women's EQUALITY.

Now in it's third year, the Join me on the Bridge campaign started in 2010 when women from Congo and Rwanda joined together on the bridge connecting their two countries, showing that they could build the bridges of peace and hope for the future.

This action sparked a massive global movement, and last year they were joined by thousands of people on hundreds of bridges worldwide.

 We stand with these women to give them strength and to show we support their demands for peace and equality. Women are peace builders and with equality at the peace negotiation tables and governing bodies of their countries they will build a more peaceful world. 

Now is the time for women around the world to unite in building bridges, joining on bridges and celebrating what is possible on bridges. Stronger women are building the bridges of peace for our future. With your support we will be even stronger.

Add your voice this year to this growing movement. To find out how to join or organise a campaign event visit our events page.