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How to Report Your Abuse & Sexual Harassment Story on Safecity Google Map

By Berlyne Ngwalem Ngwentah                                                                   

You can submit a report of abuse in under two minutes. The description below is to guide users who do not have a good mastery of this online service and how it works – or those who might encounter difficulties submitting their story.

The first step to report a case of abuse on Safecity map is to type in Google search which will take you to the Safecity website. When you are on the site, below is the image that you will see. Scroll down to see the entire home page. Then share your story by clicking on Submit a Report.


When you get on Submit a Report, it will take you to the next page as seen below:


Now go to the section and particularly the space where you find: Step 1- begin – searching for the area where the incident occurred - type the location where the incident occurred.

Example from below shows a result for the search of Douala, Cameroon. When the location appears on the map, click, hold and move the red dot to the exact location where you were sexually harassed, street sexually harassed, or abused.


Click on Submit report, underlined in redafter 'REPORTS' and before 'GET ALERTS', to move to the next stage in order to fill and submit the full story of the event. See example below:


When you click on submit at the top of the page unlined in red, it will take you to the next page that you see below. Here, you fill in the report title and describe the what was done to you. Go to Categories and click the type(s) of acts that were done to you. Underneath the map you will see Find location; write the location in the space provided, then click on Find location.


Last thing to do is to click submit to submit your report. See below:


If you would like to get alerts from safecity when someone around your area submits a report on abuse, you can click on alert. Fill out the area and kilometers from 10 to 100 kilometers from your own location. If you would love for your alerts to be sent to your email, then provide your email.

If you wish to select categories that you should be alerted on, then click in the box(es) See below:


If you wish to see previous reports submitted by others or contact safecity, just simply click on REPORTS OR CONTACT US on the top of the page.

Let us all join in the fight against human abuse and societal violence by submitting our stories which is a way to look for collective solutions to solve these issues.

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