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MEMINI is an online site of remembrance for the known and unknown victims of honour killings.

Honour Killings are collective and premeditated murders intended to restore the social cache and family honour.  These killings occur in societies where the control of women’s behaviour is the factor at the forefront of defining the standing of men among their peers. 

Killed for choosing their own path

The sexual behaviour and expression of independence from the collective can lead to the family reputation becoming tarnished. Women can become targets of honour based violence for exercising their right to choose their own life partner, career or even how they dress. The very core of the concept is basic, it is the control of women and their behaviour, if they transgress they will be punished, honour killings being the ultimate price a young woman pays and it is the ultimate betrayal by a family of their own child.

Over 5,000 killings a year

Today honour killings are seen across religious communities and are not limited to one group only. The oppression and violence against women in the name of honour, culture or religion is rife around the world in strictly patriarchal societies and communities. Honour killings take over 5000 lives a year.

The perpetrator of this crime’s goal is to erase the lives of their victims. To erase their presence. To completely remove the “stain” of their existence from this earth.

MEMINI is remembrance

The Memini project and website is run by volunteers. It is an ongoing project.

If you have any information you about honor-killings please get in contact. They are also looking for photos, video and stories of any of the women featured on the site

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"Our wish is to ensure these victims defy the intent of their murderers and that their memories live on forever.  

MEMINI’s hope is that these stories are told and that shame fall where it is deserved: on the murderers who stood in judgment of innocence."