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Aug 2010: Human Rights Watch issued a scathing indictment of Homeland Security’s utter failure to protect women from abuse and harassment in detention...


Shane Bauer in Iraq

"I have been to Baghdad once in the past, as a journalist, when I was investigating US support for the Iraqi Death Squads.

Abu Marzouq by Shane Bauer for Al Jazeera

Shane Bauer's most recent article for Al Jazeera, written in January 2009 in Damascus.

Seven months later, Shane was in prison in Iran, on suspicion of espionage. He is still there.

In the only English language interview with Hamas political deputy, Abu Marzouq, Shane asked about Israel's war on Gaza and the conditions for a ceasefire.

Linda Carty facing execution in the USA

The British Government stated that Texas’ failure to inform the British Consulate of her arrest prevented them from providing Linda with a competent lawyer...


There have been many cases of young women being raped by a rival gang because of dating a gang member, or being trafficked or prostituted by men they have become involved with...


Sept 2010: The execution of Teresa Lewis went ahead despite protests from lawyers, international celebrities and others - the first woman executed in Virginia in almost a century.

Real Hikers

Two Safe World films produced in April 2010, in support of campaign to release the 'US Hikers' from prison in Iran


SARA KRUZAN, USA: Age 11: groomed for forced prostitution - Age 16: convicted of murdering her pimp - Age 33: sixteen years into a twenty-five year prison sentence...

Positive Contribution  - Wake Up

Using music to bring awareness to an issue that millions face daily - the seriousness of domestic violence in our local communities...


Being trapped inside an abusive relationship at any age is degrading, humiliating, and extremely damaging to one’s self-esteem. When an adolescent is involved, all those emotions are underscored...


Lydia Schatz was one of three children adopted from Liberia in 2007, by Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz. Lydia Schatz is no more....